Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd


Accelus Robotics is primarily engaged in providing motion control and automation solutions. We have the capability of delivering component level to turn-key automation solutions which help our customers attain excellence in manufacturing. We have a wide range of experience in manufacturing and deploying

  • Motion Controllers

  • CNC Controllers

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Human Machine Interfaces

  • CNC Machines for metal

  • Engraving and wood Working

  • Real-time Systems

  • Robotics

Our expertise spans all the areas of mechatronics ranging from electronics, control systems, computer software and mechanical systems.

For CNC controllers and motion controllers, we offer our Autem Line of controllers which can control multiple axes using traditional analog or pulse and direction based or even EtherCAT based drives. For machine automation and process automation, we offer our BYT line of PLC and HMI Controllers which also have an inbuilt motion controller functionality. We also provide customized systems and integration services which include full stack development for automation products from mechanical, electrical and electronics design to software deliverables.

It is our goal that our customers come to think of us not just as a vendor or a consultant or a knowledgeable engineering company - but as a valuable and trustworthy partner who helps make their business stronger and more profitable.