Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd


PLC Hardware Features:

  1. 32kB program memory
  2. 16 optically isolated Inputs
  3. 4 high speed inputs
  4. 10 isolated photo-relay outputs
  5. 4 high speed motion control outputs
  6. 1 optically isolated high speed quadrature counter input with A B and Index
  7. 1 RS232 port supporting mod-bus
  8. 1 RS485 port supporting mod-bus
  9. USB interface for programming, debugging and monitoring

PLC with Motion Controller

  • Ladder Programmable
  • 16 Inputs & 12 Outputs
  • 100 Khz Pulse & Direction output for two motors
  • Embedded Motion Controller

PLC Software features:

  1. IEC 61131-3 compatible Ladder Logic and Instruction List languages supported.
  2. Rapid program development achievable with rich instruction set which can fulfill basic sequential control, data moving and comparing, arithmetic operation and logic control, data looping and shifting etc.
  3. Internal memory available as internal coils, and internal data registers.
  4. Floating point data type support.
  5. Comments available at multiple levels, including element level and rung level.
  6. High speed counters and timers available
  7. Alarm relays available
  8. Power off retentive memory for internal registers and coils across restarts
  9. Password protection protects source programs and intellectual property