Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd

Motion Controller

  • Ethercat based motion controller
  • Synchronized motion of all axis possible
  • External encoder input support
  • 16 Inputs & 8 relay based outputs
  • Extension of IOs possible
  • Modbus Interfacing over RTU / TCP with PLC & HMI
  • Supporting various application in Automation Industries like Packaging machine, Wire Winding, Sheet metal bending & many more…

Features :

  1. 16-axis configurable for either Pulse and Direction or EtherCAT
  2. Simultaneous Linear interpolation available on all 16 Axes
  3. Circular interpolation on any 2 Axes with Helical interpolation on remaining 14 Axes
  4. 48 Digital IO available standard. Extendable to 1024 IO via ARBus modules
  5. Communication with drives and IO modules over EtherCAT
  6. Upto 16 numbers of 6 MHz high speed pulse and direction outputs for motor control
  7. Modbus, TCP and Modbus RTU master available
  8. Optional 10.1” touch screen monitor available.
  9. Upto 16 numbers of high speed quadrature encoders with index
  10. Upto 16 numbers of absolute SSI encoders
  11. Soft PLC with optional realtime execution available for programmable logic.
  12. PLC integration and shared memory map with motion controller
  13. Jerk controlled motion for acceleration planning
  14. Multiple axes velocity and position synchronization